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Ariel: "Look at my dinglehopper, isn't it wonderful?" Belle: "Yes Ariel, it's great."
My best friend gave me a couple canvases to be able to work on since I don't have any money to buy more at the moment. So I decided to do a painting for her based on Disney since she loves it so much. Ariel is her favorite and Belle is mine, we also both Love reading so the book made it even more perfect.
I based my drawing off of a painting on DeviantArt by Daekazu. [http://lynoire03.deviantart.com/favourites/?offset=240#/d4drh4w] This is the first detailed painting that I have done and I think it turned out really well. My friend Loves it. =]

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Brooke R.
Brooke R.
I like it, and believe me I can draw but certainly not paint like that. But I've gotta ask, should you really be signing if its a copy of someone else's work? Did you ask the original artist if you could paint it then post it here?
HarleeQuinn03 · 17 projects
I signed it because I painted it and it's obviously not exactly the same. I do not claim it as my own design and would not do that.

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