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Apple Necklace

Simple and cute apple neklace/ keychain • Posted by gretaa_x

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    Take a big blob of red fimo and roll it into a fat sausage. Seperate this sausage evenly into two and then roll each one into a ball. You should now have two balls.

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    Squidge these two balls together. Smooth over the joins with your finger until you get a smooth apple shape with no joins. If your apple goes out of shape, roll it around GENTLY in your hands and pinch it back into a rounded apple shape. :)

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    Using a ballpoint pen, prod a hole in the top of your apple. This is where your stalk and leaf will go.

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    To make the stalk and leaf, roll out a small thin sausage of green fimo. This will be the stalk. For theleaf, roll out a larger, fatter sausage and squidge and pinch it into a leaf shape. For extra detail, press a thin needle onto the leaf and create a leaf pattern.

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    Attatch the leaf to the stalk and then put the stalk and leaf into the hole that you made earlier. Now screw your screw eye in the top side of your apple.

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    Bake in the oven according to the instructions on the pack. Leave to cool. Thread your necklace chain or keychain through the screw eye. Voila! Your necklace/keyring is ready to go!