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Antique Punk Vibe Dress

Who knew old buttons could be soooo adorable! • Posted by jo-mil

You will need

Project Budget
Almost Nothing


0 h 30


Pretty Easy
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  1. Select or make your dress! Pick a plain dress so the pattern won't clash with your embellishments.

  2. Next, I recommend laying out your buttons where you want them to be and taking a picture so you can look back and remember what goes where.

  3. After doing that simply thread your needle and begin sewing on your buttons. I recommend going through 3 times if using all purpose thread and tying a doulbe knot after each button.

  4. Once all of your buttons are in place, you can add an assortment of very small to large saftey pins on the other strap. I used this patter: 3 really tiny ones 1 small one 3 really tiny ones 1 medium/ standard one 3 really tiny ones 1 large one After that you are finished!