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Anthropologie Marjorelle Necklace

10 minutes to a fabulous necklace • Posted by sarah t.

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    This was my inspiration, A Marjorelle Necklace from Anthropologie.

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    What you'll need: a gold rope(wal mart $1.20), epoxy, gold chain clasp, 10mm jump ring gold, 2 gold earring clasps(all from jo ann's for .77 cents each kind), 3 flowers.

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    These are the 3 flowers I chose, 2 flower rings(baker's $8.00 each),and one gold flower from a necklace I had. I took out the ring part from the 2 flowers to make it a flat surface in the back.

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    I used epoxy to attach the 3 flowers onto the rope. Then I used the clasps and the jump ring to connect to the end of the rope on both sides.

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    15 minutes later, you have a beautiful necklace!