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I <3 bugs. :D
Okay ...I know it sounds weird ... but i made these from lil boy/kid panties. XD rofl I know..i know...its wrong.
I found them in the garage while we were preparing for a yard sale. I loved them (& had to use them) because they had bugs on them. I have a bug obsession & a glove one. & they were Black & red ants! My favorite colors! It was like destiny. lol

I just winged it. They didnt come out great, but i dont care. I especially like that the ants are going different directions on both sides tho. (i think thats b/c i used the curved butt part of it; the band of the butt became the bottom wrist part of the glove) So theyre kinda reversible now! :D

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DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
LMAO, oh good theres other people out there that doesnt think this is crazy. XD At least im not alone.
Your right kid undies are too cool... they get all the fun.

Thanks guys.
Calla K.
Calla K. · Austin, Texas, US · 3 projects
Love 'em, I have some underwear that are looking for a purpose, I just might make some gloves out of em.
aranumenwen · Aurora, Illinois, US · 117 projects
Love 'em.

Theres nothing wrong with using tiny man panties for scrap fabric, personally I'm waiting for my son to grow outta some of his so I can use them. Actually I think that maybe worse, just cause I know how often they've been worn. But they have superheroes on them...which makes them to awesome to just throw away...cept for the skid marks...aaahhh potty training.

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