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Another hat with my two favorite colors!
I basically took the pattern that I found online (click the link) and changed all the coloring and parts of the shaping. The pattern I have here is the pattern I made up for the color pattern I liked and based on a two color pattern (A= purple, B=red).
NOTE(important)!: Rows 49 till the end, the starred repeats don't exactly match up with the number of stitches (that’s how I found it online). Just end where it ends (even if it doesn’t match up) and start the new row.

Posted by Eva from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States • Published See Eva 's 65 projects »
  • Step 1

    Using circular needle (I am not sure how big, but my judgment tells me about size 7),CO 76 sts with color A and join in the round (careful not to twist). Place stitch marker.

  • Step 2

    R1-R10: K across in color A
    R11-R12: P across with color A
    R13-R15: K across in color B
    R16-R26: K across in color A
    R27-R29: K across in color B
    R30-R31: P across in color A
    R32-R48: K across, switching each row from color A to color B
    R49: *K6, K2TOG*, in color A
    R50: K across in color A
    R51: *K4, K2TOG*, in color A
    R52: K across in color A
    R53: *K3, K2TOG*, in color A
    R54: K across in color A
    R55: *K2, K2TOG*, in color A
    R56: K across is color A
    R57: *K1, K2TOG*, in color A

  • Step 3

    With a tapestry needle, weave nine (7 inch) strands of yarn through the remaining sts and pull tightly. I braided them to make a cute little braid up top, but if you don’t want that showing, you can turn it inside out and braid it on the inside so no one sees.



Kiko · Arcadia, Florida, US · 14 projects
What kind of yarn did you use? Wool? Cotton? It's really cute!
dani m.
dani m. · Newport, Rhode Island, US · 5 projects
oooh I LOVE it! That stem on top rocks it!

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