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fun fleece hats for the cold weather, great present for kids
I made three different hats for Christmas for my family. A frog, rhino, and panda for each person. didn't use a pattern just sketch one using some old hats, and adlibed the details.

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  • Step 1

    trace around the old hat at seams on an old paper bag. Add 1/2 inch margins to seams. cut out and pin to fleece.

  • Step 2

    cut out ears using grey fleece (large oval with tip cut off)x4. cut out spots for the pandas eyes x2 and little white circles for the pupils x4 n black eye shape from the scrap fabric x2. use the same ear pattern for frog eyes that you used on the pandas ears. for the rhino I folded and cut out triangles for the nose n tear drops for ears x4.

  • Step 3

    sew details together. turn right side out. for panda sew eyes directly to fabric pupils first then eyes to spot spot to hat. If doing the frog remember to sew on buttons on eyes.

  • Step 4

    put fabric right sides together. placing ears in proper locations on the inside. pin and sew the band on the rhino n frog I found easier to do first then this step.

  • Step 5

    on the rhino I did a little stitch around the eyes to make it look more realistic.

  • Step 6

    the panda needed more character so I added tassels. take 2 inch cardboard wrap around about 30 times or more depending on how thick you want it. take 10 2 1/2 ft pieces of yarn and tie a knot at the top twirl tell it starts to bend. string the tassel w/o cardboard to middle. tie a knot around entire tassel close to twirled yarn. cut looped ends.

  • Step 7

    continue twirling but use tassel in place of the knot so that its folded at knot then twirled. cut off knot on twirl and sew to hat. repeat for other side. use blanket edge stitch to finish edge of hat.

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