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Alice's Default Dress from Alice Madness Returns
I recently attended a con where I wanted to dress up. I chose Mad Alice from American McGee's Alice Madness Returns. I have always been a huge Alice in Wonderland fan and given my Gothic tendencies, what else would be more perfect then an unhinged Alice.

I created pretty much everything from scratch. There are some things I would definitely tweak to wear it again but it definitely did it's job on the day I wore it.

I didn't use a pattern, exactly. The one I found needed way too much math to alter to my size so I just winged it, so to speak. Traced a tank top I owned. Made a circle skirt (which I knew how to make from a 50s dress I made eons ago). Sewed the two together. Used the sleeve pattern from the pattern I bought (since it didn't need to be altered). Added eyelet trim to the bottom of the dress. Sewed up apron with a removable bow. Finished off with a black wig, petticoat, striped tights, boots and a prop cleaver.

I used a fabric medium with the Red and Black Acrylic paint for the pocket symbols and blood splatter, instead of actual fabric paint because I was using what I had on hand to keep costs down.

I made the Omega Necklace and Skull head out of air dry clay, which I then painted up and sealed with varnish. Next time I think I am going to use something more durable. Was working with what I had at the time. They both made it through the day, at least.

All in all I think it turned out pretty well. People knew who I was so I would call that a success :D

I am really wanting to make the steampunk outfit she wears next.

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I'm new here, where do you find instructions for these awesome costumes?
Arawynn · 8 projects
Welcome. The pictures that have How To on them usually include instructions on how to create the costumes. If they don't have it then usually that means it is just a creation and someone showing what they have made. Hope that helps Happy