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40 mins

So easy you can do it whit your eyes closed and your hand tied behind your back
use your favorite crust recipe a friend made the crust its not mine
super delicious pie from heaven that will make the whole neighbourhood drool of you leave the windows open

Posted by SilverM0on from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada • Published See SilverM0on's 23 projects »
  • Step 1

    beat the eggs until they become a lighter color whit tons of tiny bubbles and add vanilla and sugar and brown sugar and mix

  • Step 2

    add the butter warm and melted but make sure its not to hot or it will cook the eggs wish it and add the nuts.. BANG its over you got a filling

    (i humbly suggest you roughly chop the pecans for easier cutting)

  • Step 3

    filling goes in the shell.. tap it once or twice to get rid of air bubble

    then you put the pie in a cookie pan whit cookie paper on it so you wont get a ugly scary sticky mess of an oven if the filling goes over the pie while it cook

    start the pie at 400 for about 10 minute and lower it to 350 for half an hour

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