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banana peanut butter chocolate soymilk smoothie
So i generally eat this shake as dessert but it makes a great breakfast shake too!

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    First! gather all of your ingredients.. I use half a banana, around 2 big teaspoonfulls of peanut butter and 1 tablespoon of Hershey's chocolate syrup, 6-9 ice cubes(depending on how much ice you like), as well as 1/2 a cup or so of organic vanilla soymilk. it doesn't have to be these specific things, i actually don't really measure these are more or less eyeball guestimates.. and the actual amount of ingredients is really up to the person, if you like a more peanut butter taste then put more peanut butter, this just happens to be the formula that tickles ma taste buds and the one i want to share with you guys :)

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    Blend!! it only takes me a few seconds to blend mine because i have a ninja blender anybody who likes smoothies, get this blender!! i don't have the expensive one, i have the one where the motor is on the top..it is an amazing and incredibly affordable blender.

  • Step 3

    Enjoy! :)



Terry M.
Terry M.
This sounds so good! I have to try this!
Madeline H.
Madeline H. · Sacramento, California, US
I added ground flax seed to mine just for a little extra something. Yum!
Patricia S.
Patricia S. · 7 projects
It's a really great on the go snack/meal! It only takes a few seconds to make, and has the right ingredients to start the day with Happy I forgot to mention this in the posting, but sometimes i put a little bit of sugar, maybe a spoonful or so, just as fair warning it might not be sweet enough for some but a spoon or two should be plenty if she prefers a sweeter taste!
Tina T.
Tina T. · 25 projects
This sounds good! I think I'll make one for my college age daughter for breakfast since she's too busy to sit and eat a full breakfast. This has a lot of good stuff in it.

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