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The new trend, oh yes.
Well I found out about rasterbation quite recently and went a bit crazy when I decided what to do! It's really simple. Sorry I don't have any pictures though.

Posted by Knittin' Kitten from Liverpool, England, United Kingdom • Published See Knittin' Kitten's 31 projects »

  • Step 1

    Find the picture you want to have huge on your wall. For me, it was no contest - mmm, Amanda Palmer. I also deliberately chose a black and white picture because I gather it's easier to do it with that, especially if you don't have a great printer (like me).

  • Step 2

    Go to
    and upload your image. You can choose to crop it and decide how many sheets you want it over. I decided to make mine 25 sheets, so 5x5 in portrait. Generally the bigger you make it the better it looks. The instructions on there are really good.

  • Step 3

    Print off all your pages but make sure you keep them in order - they should work from left to right going down, as though each page were a word in a book (if that makes sense). So for me, it went
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    6, 7, 8, 9, 10
    11, 12, 13, 14, 15
    etc etc
    And then cut off the borders (unless you were clever and removed them)

  • Step 4

    While you're being very clever and keeping them in perfect order, stick them up on the wall as I said. A lot of people use wallpaper paste to get a permanent look, but as I'm in halls I just used white tack. Depends how permanent you want it.

  • How to make a poster. Amanda Palmer Rasterbation - Step 5
    Step 5

    Step back and admire your work. Why not, take some pictures of yourself next to it! Here you can see the scale of it. It's pretty big =)




Knittin' Kitten
Knittin' Kitten · Liverpool, England, GB · 32 projects
Haha thank you Scarlet!
Scarlet-Begonias · Everett, Washington, US · 15 projects
I thought I commented on this before.. but this makes me happy inside... Happy
Momo · Ayr, Scotland, GB · 2 projects
This si awesome, Thank you. I'm doing one now!
carmen · 1 project
i made one of Christopher Drew!
that was awesome! yey! lol thank you very muchow!!! lolz
Katia Ruby
Katia Ruby · Portland, Oregon, US · 4 projects
<3 AFP ftw!!
Britta J.
Britta J. · Derby, England, GB · 67 projects
that's cool, thanks for the link!
reverse mermaid
reverse mermaid · Geraldton, Western Australia, AU · 24 projects
You have excellent taste in music, and posters. =D

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