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A new section to Alt Fashion, make up artist Leanne Bisson aka 'Assistedsuicide'; takes us through step by step on how to create a sultry, smokey look.

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A new section to Alt Fashion, make up artist Leanne Bisson aka 'Assistedsuicide'; takes us through step by step on how to create a sultry, smokey look.


  1. Small 1 1272224203

    Apply foundation to a cleansed/moisturised face. Make sure you blend it in well. I usually use a foundation brush but forgot to bring it, opps! Foundation brushes are best to use as they seem to apply the foundation deep into your pores and give better coverage. A handy tip for choosing the correct foundation shade is, simply go to your local make-up counter and ask one of the staff there. I find they are best at selecting a foundation to suit your skintone. When I say make-up counter I mean one in a department store or specialist make-up shop such as: Estee Lauder, Chanel, MAC, Urban Decay, Clanns, Clinique, etc. A handy thing to remember is, if you have pale skin and are prone to getting burnt it's best to select a foundation which has inbuilt sun protection :)

  2. Small 2 1272224390

    Everyone should use concealer in my opinion, it is not only best for covering dark circles under the eyes, but also for hiding those spots and other blemishes. It is best to apply your concealer AFTER foundation. Dab it on and when applying be gentle and dab/smooth outwards. Using a concealer brush is also good for this.

  3. Small 3 1272224626

    When applying powder, you can either use a powder sponge applicator or a brush. I prefer to use a powder sponge applicator. Dab it around your face and smooth in an outwards direction, ensuring all the powder is blended in well to leave a soft matt sheen.

  4. Small 4 1272224813

    The first eyeshadow we are using here is a shade of white. The lightest shade of white I could find. The brand I am using is MAC but brand is NOT important. Please remember this. However this shadow does have a sheen to it so try opting for a shade that has a sheen. I am applying it with a small shadow brush which is quite fluffy and dusting it across the eyelid and above the eyelid. Apply quite abit but make sure it is blended in fully.

  5. Small 5 1272224870

    The second eyeshadow is a silver shade. It also has a slight shimmer to it. I apply this shade to the outside area of the eyelid and above, making a shape. I have selected a pointed kind of shape, you may select any shape you wish. Once I have applied this shadow I am blending it into the white, so it goes silver/white.

  6. Small 6 1272225314

    I am using a cotton bud (Q Tip) to remove access shadow and to straighten up the shape I have made. Dab abit of cleanser onto the cotton bud and swipe it across, be precise though, otherwise you will end up messing the shape you have created.

  7. Small 7 1272225560

    The third eyeshadow is a black shade, I am using 2 black shades, one is a matt and one has a silver sparkle to it. Again I am applying this shadow in the way I applied the silver. Application to the outside part and blending in towards the white.

  8. Please redo the wipe/touch up process as mentioned in 6 if needed.

  9. Small 9 1272225563

    Blend the shadows you have applied with a soft eyeshadow blending brush which has nice fluffy fibres. This ensures the shadows are nicely applicated and there are no signs of loose shadow or rough lines/shapes. Blending can be abit tricky at first, but practise makes perfect :)

  10. Small 10 1272226115

    Here in the progress of shadow photo you can see that I have now finished blending the shadows together and this is what you should be aiming for.

  11. Small 11 1272226122

    I am using liquid eyeliner for the top of the eyelid only. I am using MAC Liquid Last in Point Black. You may use any liquid liner you feel comfortable with. Apply the eyeliner fairly thin across the eyelid. I have not applied a cat eye because this in my opinion will look a bit too much combined with the shape of the shadow on Kate's face shape.

  12. Small 12 1272226127

    Apply kohl eyeliner pencil to the waterline of the line, look up when applying and hold your bottom lid down.

  13. Small 13 1272226285

    I am using a MAC mascara here but feel free to use whatever mascara works best for you. I am applying 3 layers. Remember to apply a touch to the bottom lashes too.

  14. Small 14 1272226314

    I am using a darkish red shade of lipstick on Kate's lips. You may use whatever colour you wish but I decided to go for red. Apply however you usually apply.

  15. If you happen to go over the lips/smudge, then use a cotton bud again to wipe access and correct mistakes/touch up.

  16. Small 16 1272226404

    Finally finish the look with a touch of gloss over the lipstick. I have used a gloss with a shimmer to it in a pale shade of white which looks iridescent.