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Almond Cafe Cookies

Amazing almond flavored cookies. Start with a log of sugar cookie dough. • Posted by bree.hester

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    Add the cookie dough, almond paste, preserves, and flour to the bowl of a mixer. Mix until everything is combined. (Or you can do this by hand, just knead it together.) Pat the dough into a rectangle, about 6×9. Cut into 24 pieces. Whisk the egg whites in a small bowl. Put the almonds on a plate.

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    Roll the dough into balls. Flatten into 3-inch disks. Brush the tops with egg whites. Sprinkle generously with almonds.

  3. Small almond cafe cookies 7

    Bake in a preheated 375 oven for 13 to 18 minutes. Cool on the sheet for two minutes, then cool completely on a rack.