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My dear girl, anyone with a head that large is welcome in my court. Someone find her some clothes, use the curtains if you must, but clothe this enormous girl.
my Alice's Um from Umbridge outfit i made for my Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland-themed 30th birthday party. the skirt is black and red gathered layers. the overskirt/top combo is a sort of wrap-style creation (i don't even know what to call it, a dress? but you can't wear it alone) that i sort of bustled up in the back to get it as close to the movie version as possible. i couldn't find the right fabric to make this, so i got some white sparkly fabric and sewed yards and yards of black ribbon to create the stripes, then made a heart-shaped stamp to stamp black hearts all over, then made a flower-ish looking stamp to create the pattern on the black ribbon stripes. because Alice's outfit is made from curtains at the Red Queen's court, i also made a red corded and tasseled belt (since it's originally a curtain tie-back) but i completely forgot to wear it with the outfit! this outfit took a long time to make, i had no pattern and i just sort of made it all up as i went along. it's really terrible sewing and piecing together on my part (since the white fabric especially is not meant for garment-making), but it held up and no one asked to see the inside with all the messy stitches, hahaha!

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Krista B.
Krista B. · Hydesville, California, US · 44 projects
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Awesome. That was my favorite outfit from the movie! Lol
fetisha · Mechanicsville, Virginia, US · 36 projects
it was mine too! i've been wanting to make the outfit for awhile and figured it would be perfect to make my 30th birthday a costume party so i had the excuse to make it Happy

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