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Easy to Make, Fun to Wear!
The child sized version of this pattern is featured in my book "Knit Beanies: Easy to Make, Fun to Wear"

Now you and your child can have matching hats! The Cat Hat is a beginner to intermediate project that uses basic techniques in the round to create a super cute result.

Posted by Violette Lovelace from Montclair, New Jersey, United States • Published See Violette Lovelace's 20 projects »

© 2023 Karen M. Burns / Martingale · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    Ear Flaps:

    With main color, cast on 5 stitches. The earflaps will be knit back and forth in garter stitch.
    Row 1 and 2: Knit across
    Odd Rows 3-17: Knit 1, KFB, Knit to last 2 sts, KFB, Knit 1
    Even Rows 4-18: Knit across

    At this point, you should have a total of 21 stitches.
    Break yarn leaving a 12 inch tail. Place stitches on a holder needle. Repeat above steps for second flap.

  • Step 2


    After completing the second flap, without breaking yarn, cast on 15 stitches. Knit stitches across the first ear flap. Cast on 15 more stitches. Join in a round by knitting across the second ear flap. Be careful not to twist your stitches as you do this process. You should have a total of 72 stitches.

    Knit for 20 rounds in stockinette stitch.

  • Step 3


    Decrease Rounds:
    Round 1: K2Tog, Knit 10 around (66)
    Rounds 2-18: Knit around
    Round 3: K2Tog, Knit 9 around (60)
    Round 5: K2Tog, Knit 8 around (54)
    Round 7: K2Tog, Knit 7 around (48)
    Round 9: K2Tog, Knit 6 around (42)
    Round 11: K2Tog, Knit 5 around (36)
    Round 13: K2Tog, Knit 4 around (30)
    Round 15: K2Tog, Knit 3 around (24)
    Round 17: K2Tog, Knit 2 around (18)
    Round 19: K2Tog, Knit 1 around (12)
    Round 20: K2Tog around (6)
    Break yarn, thread darning needle, and pull through remaining stitches. Weave in all loose ends.

  • Step 4


    With pink, cast on 1 stitch.
    Row 1. KFB (2)
    Row 2-8. Purl across even rows
    Row 3. KFB across (4 sts)
    Row 5. KFB, Knit 2, KFB (6 sts)
    Row 7. KFB, Knit 4, KFB (8 sts)
    Row 9. KFB, Knit 5, KFB (10 sts)
    Row 11. KFB, Knit 6, KFB (12 sts)
    Row 12. Break pink yarn, leaving a 12 in tail. Change to main color yarn, leave a 12 in tail, and purl across
    Row 13. Knit across
    Row 14-24. Purl across even rows
    Row 15. K2Tog, Knit 6, K2Tog (10 sts)
    Row 17. K2Tog, Knit 5, K2Tog (8 sts)
    Row 19. K2Tog, Knit 4, K2Tog (6 sts)
    Row 21. K2Tog, Knit 2, K2Tog (4 sts)
    Row 23. K2Tog across (2 sts)
    Row 25. K2Tog (1 sts)
    Break yarn and pull through the remaining stitch.

    Using the 12in tail of the pink yarn, sew the sides of the ear together.

    With the 12in tail of the black yarn, sew the finished ear to your hat along the decrease above the ear flap. Secure and weave in loose ends.

  • Step 5


    With the main color of the hat, pick up and knit 5 sts from where you originally cast-on the ear flap. Knit these 5 sts back and forth in garter stitch until desired length is achieved. (I recommend 24 inches for adult size hat.) Bind off.

    Repeat on the other earflap.

    Weave in all loose ends.

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