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A South Australian recipes
This recipe certainly is an odd one, when I was asked to do a recipe based on Adelaide, I could literally only think of one thing. It has been an Adelaide favourite for the past 130 year.
In 2003, the pie floater was recognized as a South Australian Heritage Icon by the National Trust of Australia.
Like I said it is an odd sounding and odd looking meal, but shouldn't be knocked before it's tried ;)

I have added the link from the tutorial for my recipe if you want to try a traditional Aussie pie, but ultimately I think any good quality meat pie will work.


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  • How to bake a pie. Adelaide's Pie Floater - Step 1
    Step 1

    Pick through your peas first and remove any discoloured ones, the rinse thoroughly in a large bowl. Cover with water and swish around with your hand. Then drain this water off.

  • How to bake a pie. Adelaide's Pie Floater - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cover peas with cold water again, adding 1 tspn of bi-carb and mix well, making sure the peas are well covered to the top of the container to be well absorbed overnight. Put container in a cool place.

  • How to bake a pie. Adelaide's Pie Floater - Step 3
    Step 3

    Next day, the peas will have doubled in size. Rinse peas well again and place in thick bottomed stock pot with chicken stock and 1 tspn bi-carb. Absolutely NO SALT or the peas will NEVER soften.

    Bring peas to the boil, watching carefully as it froths up, stirring regularly as froth will subside. Simmer peas. Stir occassionally.

  • How to bake a pie. Adelaide's Pie Floater - Step 4
    Step 4

    Approximately 20-30minutes into cooking the skins will separate from the peas (pictured) I usually just skim them off the top with a slotted spoon but this is optional - just keep stirring the mixture so it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pot.
    Add a few sprig so mint to taste.
    Cooking time depends on the seasonal quality of the peas - approximately 1 - 1.5hrs, to your liking.
    Add more stock if you like a thinner consistency.

  • Step 5

    Start baking your pie, if your using a frozen pie, follow packets instructions.

    If your using my recipe, if you have already pre-prepared it, then start baking 25 minutes before your peas are ready.

  • Step 6

    Plate up your pie, season mushy peas with salt to taste.

    Ladle mushy peas over the pie, and serve with a generous serve of tomato sauce

  • Step 7

    This recipe makes an excess of mushy peas, as I have a habbit of making meals and freezing them for easy week meals.

    If freezing, place in an air right container.

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