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Easy acrylic pouring technique

Posted by Jen J. from Austin, Texas, United States • Published See Jen J.'s 8 projects »

  • Step 1

    Get any size canvas that is at least 2x2 ft. You want the canvas to be big enough for the flow of paint to swirl around. The bigger the better!

    (Also buy a tarp to put your canvas on because the paint will flow off the canvas and you dont want it to soak through onto your carpet, you can always choose to tape the edges for an extra hold of the paint, this project gets messy!)

  • Step 2

    Pick your colors! Maybe have a theme to it if you'd like. I picked the oil spill.

    Keep in mind that what you thought at the beginning might not be exactly what your thinking in the end. You must stay open and free and not be afraid to make some drastic choices/changes.

  • Step 3

    You want a background color to get you started. I wanted mine to look dark so i painted my canvas black.

  • Step 4

    Make sure you have your plastic cups handy. Mix different paints together in a cup to achieve your desired color. Dont waste paint by pouring too much in the cup. Do about an ounce of paint at a time. Add a TINY splash of water to make the paint more like a creamy texture. You can always add more water but you dont want to waste the paint by adding. You must gauge the amount of paint by the effect you want to make. Sorry this is so long =).

  • Step 5

    Now the fun begins!!!

    Start pouring your paint all around the canvas! Dont wait until it dries to add more paint. The paint will start to flow and will begin to make a world of its own!

    Let dry takes about 2 days and voila!



Jen  J.
Jen J. · Austin, Texas, US · 8 projects
Aww yay im glad! They are much fun!
Jen  J.
Jen J. · Austin, Texas, US · 8 projects
Aww yay im glad! They are much fun!
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
I look at your work and felt like I was in another dimension it was a nice feeling Happy
Spobret · Loughborough, England, GB · 3 projects
Did my first last night, loved it so much i've done four more today!! Will post my efforts in a couple of days when i get round to finding my USB stick... little bugger ran away again!
KraftyKonves · 2 projects
awesomenesss ima have to try ive always wanted to try to get tht effect but didnt kno how thnk youz Tongue
Erica · Raccoon, Kentucky, US
Sounds fun Happy
I bought a bunch of canvas' a while back, but never got to using them.
Guess who's gonna be playing with paint tonight? o^_^o

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