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Avant-garde? Abstract? Not quite.
My first thought was to make a ring. You know, one of those really pretty wire-wrapped stone rings? So I'm trying to wrap the wire and it simply won't stay, no matter what I do. After cutting my hands several times on the sharp end, I threw down the length and dropped my wire-cutters on top. I come back and what do I see? The wire is bent at an angle!

After many minutes of rubbing and bending and twisting the wire, I realized I hadn't been heating the wire to make into a ring, but subconsciously designing this beauty! After several moments of staring I thought, "Hm, wouldn't it be neat to put some beads on to hold those pieces together?" and voila!

I think the white ribbon fits very well, and it's amazing how a mistake can become something awesome. =)

I think I'll turn this into a tutorial soon. I want to make many more of these! Is this necklace something you would wear? Perhaps as earrings?

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