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A Very Pretty Pendant Made From A Nespresso Capsule

A very pretty pendant made from a Nespresso capsule • Posted by campaspe

a very quick way to make a nice pendant

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a very quick way to make a nice pendant


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    Trace, using the edge of the capsule as a template, a circle on a piece of cardboard – cut it out and color it on both sides in black

  2. Small 2022 08 26 144017 figure%2b2

    Cut out the upper part of the capsule without cutting into the central circle - then cut out the rest of the capsule on the dividing lines of the diamond columns

  3. Small 2022 08 26 144036 figure%2b3

    Fold the aluminum strips outwards

  4. Small 2022 08 26 144107 figure%2b4

    Fold them on the back, arrange them as evenly as possible, and stick them on the cardboard disc

  5. Small 2022 08 26 144516 figure%2b5

    on the upper part of the capsule, cut out the circle as evenly as possible and stick it on the center of the figure – you can add or pearl in the center of the circle or use a more sophisticated accessory - let dry

  6. Small 2022 08 26 144553 figure%2b6

    Make a hole around the edge of the capsule and pass an o-ring (figure 4) The pendant can then be strung on a cord