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A Felt Stuffed Mt. Fuji

A cute japanese mountain • Posted by TrAceY :)

This is a small cute Mount Fuji made from felt. Hope you enjoy!

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Medium mtt fujji 1303211305


This is a small cute Mount Fuji made from felt. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Small a mt fuji 1303207868

    Cut out the shapes of the mountain out of felt. Cut one piece of the mountain then pin it onto another piece and cut, that way it will be more similar and same shape. you will need 2 mountain parts and 2 snow-caps. it doesn't really matter how big they are, mine are fairly small, smaller then your palm.

  2. Small mt fujji 1303207915

    When you have finished cutting out the shapes, sew a face onto one piece of the felt. Place the eyes lower on the mountain to make it look more cute :) try and do the face very nicely because if its bad it will affect the look of the mountain.

  3. Small mt ffuji 1303184988

    This is now what you should have. Now, using white thread, carefully sew the white snow-caps onto the mountain. Or you can glue them on but I find sewing is more secure.

  4. Small mt fuuji 1303185130

    Place the pieces the other way around on top of eachother, with the face and snow-caps facing the inside. Start sewing from the corner of the mountain to the other corner. LEAVE THE BOTTOM SIDE OPEN! And be carefull when sewing around the top of the mountain.

  5. Small mmt fuji 1303185224

    Now, VERY GENTLY AND SLOWLY flip it inside out. If you don't be careful, you might break the stitching, especially on the sides. So this is what it should look like now

  6. Small aaaaa fffuuiji 1303211204

    Get the felt again and cut out a little oval for the bottom. make sure it fits perfectly on the bottom without any stretching. Trim if it doesn't fit nicely.

  7. Small stuffing 1303210890

    Get some stuffing. Any kind of stuffing will do. Place some inside the moutain, making sure to hold in with your finger.

  8. Small a fuji muji 1303211094

    Now get the piece of oval felt for the bottom and start sewing it together. Once you finish sewing a little part, place more stuffing inside and keep going like that. Its best to use a blanket stitch for this part. when you're done, cut off any excess thread...

  9. Small fuji again 1303211010

    and. . . voila! A finished cute miniture Mt. Fuji! Hoped you liked my tutorial :)