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Trainer's looking a bit tatty? Sugru to the rescue!
You know those tiny plastic bits at the ends of your laces? Yeah, the aglet's, well sometimes they get crispy and broken and can make your shoes look a bit beaten... Why not jazz em up with your left over sugru with nothing more than a tiny ball of the stuff?

All it takes is a tiny blob of sugru (perhaps you can mix colours to get different colours and different marble effects) and you carefully roll it around the broken aglet, lengthening it out and making it as skinny as you can around the shoe lace end or broken aglet until it's entirley covered. (You've only got 30 minutes to mould after you've opened the packet)

They say to leave it to air dry for 24 hours afterwards but because of the tiny scale I found they were literally rock hard and ready after about 30 minutes for you to use them as laces again.

P.S. Make sure you make it skinny enough to still fit through the eyelets in your shoes etc.

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