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A record bowl, just different
You have to be really careful doing this. You can burn yourself, and I do not mean the little burn from accidently touching a hot pot.

A counter top stove workds great for doing this, but you can use anything that is large, flat and unwarpped that can withstand heat.

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  • How to melt a record bowl. A Different Style Record Bowl - Step 1
    Step 1

    Take your record and score it so you have some guide lines on where you are going to cut it.

    You don't have to stick to how you have them, but it is nice to have a guide.

  • How to melt a record bowl. A Different Style Record Bowl - Step 2
    Step 2

    Now place on your counter top stove element, set on low to slightly above low, and let it soften.

    Start cutting, being careful. I used my kitchen shears.

    Soften a section, cut it move to the next. as you cut your slices, alternate placing on in the middle, so they all don't stick together and melt back together.

    your going to need you heat gun in the next step on low along with something to keep your fingers safe.

  • How to melt a record bowl. A Different Style Record Bowl - Step 3
    Step 3

    Put your record on a can so the soft pieces fall straight.

    I should have gotten a pic of getting the ones on the top down, but I forgot.

    With your heat gun or embossing gun on low, gently heat each piece, holding it in needle nose pliers.

    As it softens, let is hang down the can with the rest of the record.

    After you are done getting all the peices hanging, go around the record one time heating everything, that way it iall straightens a bit, and gets a bit tacky so they stick to one another.

    Let cool on can. When it is cooled, flip it over and use.

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Jean · Stafford, Virginia, US · 24 projects
Miss Cupcake, What an AWESOME idea!! Oh, and you gave me one. Now let's see if i can make it work!!
Miss Cupcake
Miss Cupcake · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US
awesome design. when i first saw the one pic, i thought it was a bracelet, not a bowl. if the middle was cut out and string was sewn in through out it, it'd make one nifty bracelet. your creation gave me an idea Happy


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