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It's almost as good as gluing a dollar to the ground!!!
step one, find a table!
Step two, put something under the table to protect your floor!

Get all your supplies ready to go!

I laid out my cards first to get an idea of how I wanted it too look, but then took them off to lay down the inital coat of mod podge.

After the top of the table was coated, I begain to scatter the cards on the table, making sure to overlap and have some face side up too.

Once the cards are down they need to be smoothed out and pressed firmly agianst the table. Because of the over lapping of the cards, you may need to go under parts of the cards with more modge poge for the inintal lay down. I used a small foam brush, but a qutip or old paint brush would work fine.

As it begain to dry I made sure to smooth out any cards that bumped up, and used the ecxess mod podge that came out to seal the out side of the cards down, or others that were begining to peal up. This was the most tedious part, to get them all flat!!

I waited for the first coat to dry-turn clear before I added a second coat. This coat was thick, and I made sure to get extra mod podge into the creveces and cracks where there were no cards. The damp cloth was helpful taking off some of the ecess ontop of the cards when needed.

After each coat, I wiped the sides of the table to eliminate drips forming.
I applied 5 coats ontop, waiting for each to completely dry before applying the next.

My table has a texture to the top, but It could be wet sanded down carefuly if a smooth finish is desired.

I havent put an extra sealer on top yet, but I think I may!

I'm waiting for my mom to come over and visit and yell at me for having cards lying all over my house :-p!!

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Cutie Mark Crusader
Cutie Mark Crusader · Trussville, Alabama, US · 17 projects
i love this! it would drive my gf crazy! lol (she is a little OCD)

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