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Based on 4 Ingredient Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies by Jayme
I finally got a cup measurement tool and this was the first recipe I made with it. It's still a bit foreign to me, having to put your ingredients into a cup-measurement thing and then spooning it all out again (in case of the peanut butter). Weighing seems much easier to me, you can just weigh things in the bowl that you're going to use for mixing.

Anyway, they came out cookie-shaped but were very brittle and crumbled quickly. They were also a bit too sweet to my taste. I'm going to try them in yogurt....
I did not have chocolate chips but added some chocolate chunks. They did not burn or melt away, they just got mushy.
Perhaps I'll try them again with less sugar and some flour to see if they get less sweet and more sturdy.

Posted by Maladignia from Amersfoort, Utrecht, The Netherlands • Published See Maladignia's 84 projects »


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Jayme · Jackson, Mississippi, US · 10 projects
oh yeah I know nothing about that hahaha It might be different We dont really use scales here unless you are buying candy by the Lb at a sweet's shop tee hee Happy
Maladignia · Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL · 87 projects
I converted Fahrenheit to Celsius and got about 175 degrees, which I turned my oven to.

The cookies were a bit moist on the inside until they were completely cooled, making them break easily. The second batch (not pictured) was cooled longer and more sturdy in the end.

I still don't get how you could measure perfectly with a volume-scale when tamping your ingredient changes the amount you're using. Yay for grams! :-p Whether you put sugar-lumps neatly in a row so they take up less space, or you throw them on a pile: the weight stays the same.

Besides that I think I read somewhere that USA cups are different from UK cups and I've got no clue as to which one my measuring cup uses. (It also shows pints)
Jayme · Jackson, Mississippi, US · 10 projects
I learned a long time ago in cooking school with baking, you have to make sure to always measure things out perfectly...so maybe your right, maybe because your not use to US measurements it messed up a little. but who knows Happy 0o and Also are you sure you baked them at 350 degrees fahrenheit? Cause every time I make these cookies they come out about your size but they are always soft and gooey and warm and I always have to let them sit on the pan for a few before removing them or they break because the inside is very moist. Lemme know if you try this recipe again and how they come out for you =) <3

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