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Great project for when you're crafty and lazy.
Ah Dollar stores, the crafters paradise. Recently I was at the local dollar store and came across some self adhesive foam shapes and I thought, " Oh what cute little things." and somehow, when I eye balled the jump rings, I got a brain storm- Necklaces! This one I made was done with a green and fuschia ducks.I simple stuck a small jump ring onto the back of the fuschia duck and carefully matched it up with the green duck. I cut off some lime sparkly yarn and boom cute simple and quick necklace. ^^
Depending on the size of the foam shape,you might need to add a dab of super glue to keep the ring from falling out.

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Asgards_Princess · Leicester, England, GB · 33 projects
thats a really good idea! thanks.
Oonly1 · Prince George, Virginia, US
in stead of foam could glass,wooden or any tye of bead works to loved it poast more PLEASE !!!!!!1

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