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Make wonderful snowflake curtains in just a few minutes.
If you've been searching for a cheap, simple, yet stylish way to decorate your windows during the Christmas period, stop now – snowflake curtains are the perfect solution for you…

But what exactly are they? Essentially, they’re large snowflakes made of paper or a fabric of your choosing. They can be attached to your windows without adhesive and displayed throughout Christmas. Wondering why they’re so popular? Because they give properties a real festive look and feel.

But don’t worry, they’re easy to make. And there are two different ways you can complete the task. You’ll find detailed instructions below:
The Sew Method

Wondering what you’ll need? Your computer, plain white paper, as well as scissors, needles, and thread.

1. Find a tutorial for making paper snowflakes on the Internet. And once you’ve found a few different suitable templates, print them out. Don’t forget, your snowflake curtain will look boring if all the flakes are the same size.

2. Cut around the templates and fold them according to the instructions you’ve found on the Internet. This will only take you a short time. Once you’ve done this you’ll need to flatten them.

3. Now your snowflakes are ready you’ll need to simply sew them together. Using a standard needle and thread make a few short stitches per snowflake. If you’re not sure how to do this you can find more detailed instructions on the Internet. There are many tutorials available.

4. Your snowflake curtain is completed. All you’ve got to do now is hang it up – the best way to do this is by attaching them to your curtain rail hooks. Use blu-tack or pins to keep it in place.
The No-Sew Method

Before you begin you’ll need a few pieces of white plain paper, a computer booted up and ready to go, as well as a printer, scissors, a fishing line, and tape. Once you’ve got all that, do the following:

1. Start by searching the Internet for some snowflake templates. After you’ve found some that you like, print them out – remember to get several different design of varying shapes and sizes.

2. You’ll now need to cut around the outlines of the templates. Following this you should carry out the instructions provided. Don’t know where to look for these? They can be found on the Internet page on which you found your template. In most cases they’ll involve you having to fold the printed-out designs in specific ways.

3. Your snowflakes are almost ready. But first you’ve got to flatten them! There are two tried and tested ways to do this. One: place them between the pages of a heavy book. Two: place a towel over them and then iron the towel.

4. Cut several pieces of fishing line to fit your window – you’ll want to get an approximate measurement of the distance between the top and bottom.

5. Attach your snowflakes to the pieces of fishing line with tape. And you’re done!

Let Everyone See Them!

Of course, now you have your new snowflake curtains you’ll want to show them off to the neighbourhood. But in order to do that you’ll need crystal clear windows that have no streaks, marks, or other undesirable blemishes.

If you haven’t got the time to tackle this task on your own, why not hire a team of professionals? You can book a window cleaning service ( my friend Mike from http://www.topwindowcleaners.co.uk/ will even give you a special rate) for any day of the week. And you won’t need to provide any equipment or cleaning solutions whatsoever. Just sit back and relax while the job is completed for you!

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