Here are some of our guidelines that we would like you to follow when using Cut Out + Keep. Please contact us if you're unsure about anything mentioned below, we're always happy to help out.

General Guidelines

  • Please ensure that you have ownership or permission for all content (imagery, text, media) you contribute to CO+K.

  • Please don't copy, edit or republish any of the content available on Cut Out + Keep without prior permission from its creator.

  • Please don't use any of the information, tutorials or content on Cut Out + Keep for profit without prior permission from the original creator.

Project Guidelines

  • The main objective of Cut Out + Keep is making and sharing, so please don't publish projects merely for self-promotion or to showcase items for sale.

  • Keep your project Title as concise, clear and descriptive as possible. This makes the site easier to browse. You can use your Tagline for extra info or any fun statements you want to include.

  • Include at least one photo with your project. Unfortunately, we are unable to post projects without any imagery.

  • Please don't include any R-Rated content in your main image, including swearing or nudity etc. We may have to blur certain images.

  • You must add a Tagline to your project.

  • Try to include as much information as possible on your project, especially if it's just a Creation.

  • If you're publishing a Creation, you must include some text in the Summary Box.

  • Make sure to add all materials and tools required to make your project in to the You Will Need box.

  • When adding materials to the You Will Need box, simply search for the basic material. For example, you should search for Fabric, rather than 2 meters of red fabric, you can add extra information in to the Before and After boxes.

  • If you miss any required information out when publishing projects, our editors may add the information on your behalf or contact you to request it be added.

  • Please don't include URL's on your projects, our system will automatically strip them out. Keep all outside linking to the Promotions and Link Back boxes.

  • By adding a link in to the Link Back box, you are classifying your project as a version of someone else's project, so do not use this area to link to your own projects.

  • Include a how-to / tutorial / recipe / instructions or pattern wherever it is possible. Creations are designed for people who don't have How-To's for their projects but still want to show off what they've made.

  • Include all of the steps required for the project, we cannot publish incomplete How-To's or projects that link out to tutorials elsewhere.

  • As this is an English language site, we insist that all projects published and imported must be in English.

  • Please do not publish a project unless you are completely sure you wish to share it on Cut Out + Keep. After a project has entered our RSS and received comments / favorites etc., problems may arise if it needs to be removed. You cannot delete projects yourself but we can remove them upon request.

Social Guidelines

  • Please be polite and considerate to other members using the site. Don't be mean, bully or harass, we don't approve of any form of nastiness.

  • We all like making new friends, but some people may not appreciate being contacted by people they don't know. If you're going to add someone you don't know as your friends, it may be a good idea to send them a little message or comment introducing yourself first.

  • If you don't like a project that someone has made, or agree with their technique for making it, please don't be nasty and over-critical. It's okay to make suggestions but try not to hurt anyone's feelings.