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Adorable and gruesome all in one, Zombie Felties by Nicola Tedman & Sarah Skeate will teach you how to "raise 16 gruesome felt creatures from the undead".

Filled with adorable dead animals, basic zombies and people from the afterlife, stitch a Zombie Kitty, a Dead Ducky, scary Pumpkin Head monsters, Day Of The Dead sugar skulls, a Zombie Undertaker with sequin brain, Thrilla Michael Jackson and Pirate Zombie.

There's even instructions for folding a paper coffin to keep your finsihed zombies in, so it's definitely time to stitch and raise the dead.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Andrew McMeels now »

Publisher's Description

Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate awaken their inner George A. Romero and focus their creative attention on the malleable, fuzzy softness of felt inside Zombie Felties: How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead. Inside, crafters will find instructions for more than 15 zombie creatures, including a Romero-esque Day of the Dead Zombie. Additional Zombie Feltie projects include:

* Zombie Bride

* Zombie Puppy

* Vampire Zombie

* Zombie Bunny

* Folklore Zombie

* Zombie Surfer, and more!

With only the most basic of sewing skills, crafters can raise their own macabre multitude of Zombie Feltie creations from the undead with an average construction time of less than one hour per pattern. Each design includes a full-color photograph of the finished project, as well as an illustrated, instructional overview, pattern diagrams, and a convenient list of everything needed to complete the project.

Zombie Feltie friends can be customized with limitless embellishments and they make great Halloween decorations, party favors, finger puppets, key rings, and even mobile phone mascots. Get ready to shudder as you stitch!