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Meet the Author

Hey there, can you introduce yourself?

Medium elena deerjane

I am the daughter and great-granddaughter of weavers. Influenced by my family's craft i decide to make a blog and a book to share my tips and tricks. Weaving is a big part of my life.

Tell us a bit about the book?

In this book, you can learn the essential weaving methods and discover how to make your own loom.
You can following instructions and learn how to create 15 contemporary woven masterpieces for your home. There are 15 projects, each focusing on different methods that will help you get to grips with this craft.

What was the inspiration behind it?

Writing a book has always been a dream for me.
The weaving gave me this opportunity and I could mix my passion of the fibers with the writing and try to transmit the bases so that everyone can weave. I hope you will love experiment with different yarns, colors, shapes and textures...

Which is your favourite project?

I have two favourites projects. The woven fluffy clutch bag and the weaving using bark with natural souvenirs you can collect on a walk.

What is your craft space like?

I have a workshop at home to create and write, but I like to create anywhere. Sitting on the bed, couch or in the garden ...

Have you always been creative?

I have always been creative since i was a child. Drawing, writing, painting, knitting... I have always loved create.
Now, I made looms with funny shapes. I use laser cutting for that.

When did you first start crafting?

The first thing i've made when i was a child was a little story book with drawing and text. But when i see it now it is awful !
My first weaving was just a test to see if i like that and i made a blue pineapple on a cardboard loom.

Who are your crafty heroes?

I love the work of Sheila Hicks. Fabulous !
I also like the australian weaver Maryanne Moodie and the funny works of Ida Hagen, a norway weaver.

Where do you find inspiration?

Weaving is an ancestral art, alternating between utilitarian and decorative uses. Inspiration come from everywhere: picture, a sound or music, painting.... Everything ! I love to experiment with different yarns, textures, colors, shapes, things ...

What's next for you?

Hope a lot of weaving time and perhaps another book !

Publisher's Description

Learn how to create 15 contemporary woven designs and accessories by beloved French blogger Elena Vilar of Deer JaneA source of inspiration and learning about weaving, through travel photos, unusual places and objects to make yourself ...You can learn the basics of wall hanging weaving, the manufacture of a small looms and be inspired by achievable modern weaving projects.Rediscover this traditional craft and enkindle your age-old weaving skills by immersing yourself in the wonderful world of Elena Vilar, professional weaver and beloved French blogger Deer Jane. By following her gentle and easy-to-follow instructions, learn how to create 15 woven masterpieces inspired by this age-old craft with a modern twist.The richly illustrated techniques section allows you to master the basics before delving into Elena's simple yet sophisticated designs. Discover how to make a cardboard loom, thread a shop-bought loom, dye wool using natural dyes, make jersey yarn, wind pompoms and more, then learn the essential weaving methods you'll need for the projects. Make sumptuously textured wall hangings, plant pot holders, jewellery, dream catchers and more using an inspiring range of materials and fabrics and imaginative embellishments. Each project includes handy tips and know-how boxes, ensuring that both experienced and beginner weavers will be able to make all of the woven creations in the book.