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Our Review

A cookbook and survival manual for vegans on the road, Sarah Kramer's Vegan A Go-Go! is a must have for any mobile herbivore.

So portable, carry this book with you and you'll never go hungry again. The recipes promise to be easy to cook and delicious to boot! Wake yourself up with Apple Pie Pancakes and Black Beans on Toast; warm up with a hot bowl of Go-Go Gadget Green Soup; get dipping with Edamame Hummus and Avocado Tomato Salsa; and bake some Vegan Ginger Snaps, Cracker Jack Popcorn or tasty Banana Bread.

Great for throwing in your handbag and taking to the supermarket, packing in your suitcase for holidays or just taking over to a friend's house, this compact little book is packed full of tasty recipes, ensuring you'll never get caught off guard.

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Publisher's Description

Sarah Kramer is a vegan superstar; she was named “The World’s Coolest Vegan” by Herbivore Magazine, and her first three cookbooks have sold a combined total of over two hundred thousand copies. Vegan a Go-Go! represents a change of pace for Sarah: it is a cookbook and more for vegan travelers, many of whom are daunted by the idea of going on the road and being able to locate and/or prepare the kind of nutritious animal-free meals they enjoy at home.

The new book includes 150 recipes, many of them new, and others that have been adapted from her earlier books. All of the recipes are easy to prepare with a minimum of ingredients and are guaranteed to deliver energy, nutrition, and great flavor. The rest of the book contains information and advice pertinent to vegan travelers, from how to deconstruct a restaurant menu to what food items are best suited to carry around in your luggage or handbag. There’s even a section on “How to Say ‘I Am Vegan’” in numerous languages.

The book is also designed with the traveler in mind: it is small enough to slip into one’s pocket or purse, yet has a reinforced cover to ensure durability under the harshest conditions. Full of Sarah’s high-energy wit and verve, Vegan a Go-Go! makes life for vegan travelers a lot less stressful and a lot more fun.


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