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If you've ever dreamed of becoming a seamstress then this book will teach you everything you need to know. The Ultimate Sewing Bible by Marie Clayton is a comprehensive guide to sewing and dressmaking.

Covering hand-stitching, as well as sewing with machines and overlockers, the book will teach you all the need-to-know techniques including finishing seams, clipping corners, piping, cording and pressing. If you fancy yourself as an aspiring designer, then the sections on constructing patterns, body measurement and darting will come in very handy. There's also practical advice on the best fabrics to use in dressmaking and techniques for sewing on buttons and embellishing your items.

All of the tutorials featured in the book are clearly explained and there's a range of projects for you to try out at home. Not just limited to garments, the book also includes a range of home furnishing ideas, such as upholstering and curtain making. When you're finished making your projects, the guide to laundering will come in very handy!

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Publisher's Description

Knowing how to sew allows you to mend garments and make up-to-the-minute fashions and soft furnishings inexpensively, as well as offering a great creative outlet. The Ultimate Sewing Bible, which in its last edition sold over 40,000 copies, provides hundreds of illustrations and instructions that make the learning process simple. Divided into seven sections to cover each skill, it provides ample opportunities for variations that the more advanced stitcher will enjoy putting into play. From choosing the right machine and picking fabrics to reading dressmaking patterns and altering existing garments, from sewing simple napkins to constructing a slipcover, this stylish and contemporary guide covers it all including information on caring for and repairing your projects, and a glossary to every sewing term.