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Our Review

Whether you are an expert quilter or just wanting to try something new, the Ultimate Quilting Bible by Marie Clayton is a complete quilting reference book, filled with everything you ever needed to know about the art.

Complete with step-by-step instructions and photos for learning the skills you need, the book teaches basic skills and works up to more advanced techniques. Learn how to quilt by hand, with a machine, work with a range of materials, create different effects and textures with fabric, and add appliques and embellishments to your completed quilts.

Quilts can give your home a cosy and kitschy feel and with this book, you will learn the century-old techniques for making your own patchwork pieces of art.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Anova Books now.

Publisher's Description

Every quilter will want to own this comprehensive and accessible guide to machine and hand quilting, as well as patchwork and appliqué.  Each chapter is devoted to one key area of quilting, including basic skills, advanced techniques, embellishments, designing and adapting, caring for quilts and connections, and making a quilt top.
With Marie Clayton’s wonderfully clear instructions, and hundreds of illustrations and diagrams showing each stage of the process, this will be the one resource needlecrafters turn to time and time again.