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Publisher's Description

Eat good food, drink a little wine, lose weight! Sounds too good to be true? Not with The Wine and Food Lover's Diet. Created by a sports doctor with a background in nutrition, this is a diet that combines healthful eating with a love of eating. Imagine a meal of bacon-topped arugula salad, pecan-crusted chicken paired with the perfect glass of wine, and closing with chocolate soufflé or some ice cream and a cup of coffee—and then, even better, looking at the decrease on the scales the next morning. Dr. Phillip Tirman's 28-day plan sheds the pounds and the diet angst. He knows that most diets fail because they're based on restricting the foods everyone loves the most and they're impractical for today's busy lifestyles. So he has developed a lifetime eating plan based on satisfaction, not deprivation. The key to feeling slimmer and healthier? It's the surefire combo that is the foundation of the diet: one protein + two low-glycemic carbs = success. Using this formula, Dr. Tirman has created a menu plan to jump-start weight loss. He clearly and simply describes why high-glycemic carbs promote weight gain, while low-glycemic carbs do the opposite. Included are handy lists of beneficial Savvy Carbs and Super Savvy Carbs, which make it easy to tailor the diet to anyone's tastes—plus 100 really delicious recipes with wine pairing suggestions, illustrated in full color. There's also clear advice for choosing take-out foods, for selecting diet-friendly restaurant dishes, and for using the diet to lose weight or simply to keep off the pounds already lost. The Wine and Food Lover's Diet is the ultimate key to a healthier, fuller, longer, and more satisfying life.