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Our Review

If you're a fan of Japanese street fashion then the Tokyo Look Book is a must have for your bookcase.

A photographic exploration through the fashion neighborhoods of Japan's busiest city, the book showcases contemporary trends from gothic and punk to designer and chic. Including both male and female outfits, the fashionistas of Japan aren't afraid to mix high end designer clothing with charity shop finds, vintage and handmade pieces.

Discover how East meets West, with a clash of bright and wacky styles, mixed with traditional inspiration, such as the look of the geisha. The book also features the people who make the clothes, including in depth interviews with designers, and showcases where the trendy public love to shop, dress and play. Full of eye candy and inspiration, this is a top book for fashion lovers.

You can pick up a copy of the book from the Tokyo Look Book website.

Publisher's Description

Tokyo is home to the most creative and stylish fashion in the world. The Tokyo Look Book takes us on a dazzling journey through the streets, clubs, and boutiques of this trendsetting city to introduce us to the people who wear the latest fashions and the people who make them. Crammed with cool, full-color photographs of Tokyo's trendy teens and twenty-somethings captured candidly as they work and play, this is a comprehensive look at the richly varied fashion scenes that thrive in Japan's capital city -- from the "gal" mecca of Shibuya, to the goths and cosplayers who hang out on Jingubashi bridge on Sundays, through the cutting-edge kids on the Harajuku backstreets, to the stylish young professional men and women on Omotesando Boulevard.

Yuri Manabe's distinctive photographic portraits are complemented by insightful text from British anthropologist and fashion expert Philomena Keet, who offers witty and informative background information on each of the fashion scenes introduced, and a plethora of soundbites and quotes from the featured fashionistas. In addition, there are interviews and spotlights on Tokyos hottest fashion designers, magazines and boutiques, including:

· SHIBUYA 109: Shibuyas iconic shopping mall

· GLAD NEWS: One of 109s leading boutiques

· REIKO NAKANE: A former trendsetting charisma109 shop girl, now producer of her own fashion label

· MANA: Japanese pop star and designer of Elegant Gothic Lolita brand, Moi-meme-Moite

· H.NAOTO: Creator of the popular goth/punk brand

· TAKUYA ANGEL: Creator of the cult cyber-kimono brand

· TEAM MESSAGE: Designer of skate/streetwear brands

· DOG: Owner of a cult street-fashion boutique

· SHOICHI AOKI: Creator of the influential street-fashion magazine FRUiTS

· GARCIA MARQUEZ GAUCHE: The husband-and-wife team behind this stylish brand for young women

· 5351 POUR LES HOMMES: A fashionable mens brand

· TOKYO FASHION WEEK: A peek behind the scenes

· MANNENYA: Purveyor of traditional Japanese workmens outfits