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Publisher's Description

The basics of how to set up a first kitchen, and then use it to create food you and your friends will love

Whether you are moving out of home, setting up house with a few friends, or just looking for inspiration to get started in the kitchen, this book covers everything you need. New cooks will learn how to roast a chicken, cook the perfect steak, and make the most of a few lonely eggs. From super-quick chicken satay and homemade pizza, to coconut panna cotta, this cookbook is packed with simple tips on buying fresh produce, using the right equipment, shopping on a budget, and basic cooking skills. Simple flavor-filled and satisfying recipes all use ingredients readily available in the supermarket. This book challenges young people, and new cooks who are not so young, to develop their skills and love of cooking with an easily digestible mix of kitchen tips; more than 60 cheap, cheerful, and super-quick recipes,;and a handy collection of menu plans for all occasions. Includes dual measurements.