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Publisher's Description

Start with several shirts that nobody plans to wear any more, add some imagination, and the resulting product can be anything from a good-looking checked chair cover or a brightly patterned beach bag to a set of table napkins or a soft stuffed toy that will delight a lucky toddler. The principle guiding this fascinating crafts book is that recycling isn't merely virtuous--it's also fun, and a good way to add colorful new items to the household. Author Juliet Bawden presents ideas for transforming all kinds of shirts--classic white or blue dress shirts, Hawaiian shirts, lumberjack shirts, polo shirts, corduroy shirts, or any other kind that happens to be available. She then presents detailed directions and templates for creating--

  • Chair covers
  • Book covers
  • Baby booties
  • Bath towels
  • Duvet cover and pillowcase
  • Cushion covers A fabric storage bucket
  • Garden chair cushions, and much more

    There is also advice on where to find shirts for these projects, just in case no spares are available at home. Charity shops are one very good source. Juliet Bawden also gives her readers helpful advice on completing each project with added zippers, Velcro, and buttons where they're needed.. Each of the book's projects has been handsomely photographed in a stylish setting, and supplemented with helpful how-to photos and illustrations.
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