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Our Review

Claire Young's The Perfect Handmade Bag is filled with tutorials for creating stylish bags and with 35 designs to choose from, you'll definitely find the perfect bag for you.

Featuring a range of styles, including clutches, totes, shoulder bags and purses, there's a bag suited to every occasion and with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, crafting them is as easy as can be. Look stylish with an elegant Pearl Button Evening Bag, adorable Ruffle-Top Purse, Floral Scrap Tote and classic Tweed & Silk Scarf Purse. There's even a tutorial for turning packing and junk mail in to a tote bag.

Carry your belongings in style this Autumn with a handmade bag which is completely you.

You can pick up a copy of the book from CICO Books now.

Publisher's Description

Give fabric a new lease of life with one of these fantastically chic recycled bags. In today's modern, environmentally conscious society, with its emphasis on reusing and avoiding plastic bags, a practical bag has become an essential part of everyday life. However, practical doesn't have to mean boring, as any of the 35 fun and functional projects in this book show. Every bag is designed to make the most of the materials that are readily available and easily recyclable. Try turning a dish-towel into a smart shopper to carry all your groceries in, or use an old hessian sack to make a sassy bag to take to the gym. Reuse is at the heart of this book, as projects like the floral scrap tote bag and the patchwork weekend bag demonstrate, and you will soon be able to transform an old blanket or a few scraps of discarded clothing into a unique bag in no time at all. Each project comes complete with beautifully illustrated step-by-step instructions and there are designs suitable for all skill levels. You are certain to find the ideal bag for you or the perfect gift to give to friends and family.