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Jennifer Perkins has to be the queen of jewelry, and her new book, The Naught Secretary Club: The Working Girl's Guide To Handmade Jewelry is filled with dozens of kitschy projects to try out at your desk. By re-purposing and reusing common office equipment and materials, you can make some gorgeous jewelry and accessories.

Filled with over 50 projects, it's time to raid the stationary cupboard and make yourself a Paper Clip Necklace, some Shredded Junk Mail jewelry, a classy Tie Down Brooch (made from an unfashionable necktie), or an All-Access Pass Badge Holder. This is a really fun book and all of the projects are bright, colourful and funky.

So make 9 to 5 a little more sexy and sassy with jewelry that any secretary would adore.

You can pick up a copy of the book from FW Publications or Amazon now.

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Publisher's Description

Join The Naughty Secretary Club!

If you prefer your jewelry subtle and serious, you might want to go ahead and set this book back on the shelf. However, if kitschy accessories made with a wink and a smile are your cup of tea, this book will have you on the edge of your chair.

The Naughty Secretary Club is packed with more than 50 kitschy-secretary-themed jewelry projects, plus lots of quirky sidebars covering hot topics such as office romance and the best secretary theme songs to listen to on your lunch break. You?ll learn how to use your office supplies in a whole new way - did you know standard office fare, like binder folders and shredded junk mail, makes craftalicious jewelry? Plus, author Jennifer Perkins will teach you how to turn almost anything into a charm, including plastic gnome cake toppers, doll furniture and cast-off hotel keys.

Whatever your day job, you can be a Naughty Secretary in spirit - and in style. So cancel your afternoon meetings, take a break from watching the clock and send yourself a memo to whip up a new paperclip necklace just in time for happy hour!