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Publisher's Description

Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of Donna Wilson, where you can meet some of the strangest creatures on the planet. Meet Beryl the Dog who loves ham and eggs, but has a fear of fluffy slippers, Bunny Blue the friendly but forgetful rabbit with a passion for cotton candy, Charlie the cheese-loving monkey, or Harry Hairy Head with his penchant for roller discos and cherry cola. These unique toys are so much fun, and fantastically easy to make using the clear instructions and simple patterns. With 35 new friends to make, you'll have your own kooky collection in no time. Also included are brilliant ideas for sets to put your odd-bods in and create your own magical world. *Create your own family of knitted odd-bods with just a few simple stitches. *Visit Donna's family at *Choose from 35 easy-to-follow knitting patterns to create your own quirky family of strange yet lovable odd-bods.