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Publisher's Description

The Ice Creamery Cookbook features more than 40 tempting recipes for a wide range of frozen desserts from the traditional to the unexpected. With tips for using either homemade or store-bought ingredients to personalize your desserts; delicious sauces, cones, and toppings; creative serving options; and inspired mix-and-match suggestions; the possibilities are endless.

Served in a bowl or cone, sandwiched between two cookies, or whirled into a refreshing shake, homemade ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet, granita, and others are always welcome treats. The recipes inside will please ice cream–lovers of all ages. The first chapter covers the basics: tempting recipes for homespun delights. The next chapter offers easy recipes for homemade accompaniments, such as cones, cookies, sauces, and toppings to enhance your chilly treats. The book concludes with a tempting selection of composed desserts, from soda fountain–style milkshakes to crowd-pleasing ice cream sandwiches, to kid-friendly sundaes using the recipes from the earlier chapters or, for the busy cook, purchased components from the store. With this beautifully photographed book as your inspiration, you can make frozen confections that will have everyone screaming for more!

Sample TOC
Old-fashioned Ice Creams
Authentic Gelatos
Creamy frozen yogurts
Fruity sorbets
Icy Granitas
Crisp cones
Cookies & brownies
Gooey sauces
Tempting fruit toppings & fluffs
Nutty treats
Sugared zests & petals
Frozen concoctions
Sundaes & splits
Cones & cookie bowls
Ice cream sandwiches & cookie pops
Old-fashioned milkshakes & malts
Semifreddos and frozen souffles
Ice cream bar with mix-ins