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Vicky B.

Publisher's Description

All the latest hair and makeup looks from an industry insider, featuring twenty-five fashionable projects to do at home. In The Craft, rock-and-roll hair and makeup artist Lou Teasdale shows you how to style up your look from home. Lou starts with the basics and shares essential advice including choosing moisturizers and foundations, how to shape the perfect brow, and what she classifies as beauty bag essentials. The Craft features step-by-step makeup, hair, and nail tutorials that are edgy, stylish, and fun. Learn how to perfect liquid eyeliner flicks, create a smoky eye, and apply lipstick that won't budge. The hair section will have you dip-dying, clipping in extensions, and toning your tresses over your bathroom sink to achieve the hottest hair trends of the moment. Featuring favorite hair and makeup tricks of the beauty industry and beauty inspiration from the fashion-obsessed streets of London, The Craft is essential reading for all girls with a love of hair and makeup.