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Our Review

More than just food, The Artful Cupcake by Marcianne Miller will teach you how to bake and decorate delicious indulgent pieces of edible art.

Featuring recipes for a huge range of cupcakes, there's a treat for every occasion. Bake some delicious Maple Walnut Streusel Cupcakes, dripping Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes, Ricotta Cheese Cupcakes, Classic Lemon Cupcakes encased in meringue, and sparking Silver Solstice Sparklers.

Promising recipes that look as good as they taste, this is a must-have cookbook for any sweet tooth.

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Publisher's Description

Tempting topping, delicious cake, and a spectacular decoration to complete the pretty picture: that’s what makes a cupcake such a perfect delight?and why these 32 treats will please young and old. this paperback version of The Artful Cupcake features easy-to-make recipes and pages that brim with helpful baking advice, including tips on incorporating nuts, working with decorative sugars, and even creating your own pastry bag. How about cupcakes decorated with sugar butterflies, Winter Spice Cakes with snowflakes, and sinfully good Chocolate Mousse Layered Cupcakes? With these recipes at hand, any amateur pastry chef can wow a crowd.