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A collaboration between photographer Mike Figgis and lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, The 4 Dreams Of Miss X is an artistic photography book which explores the concept of dreams.

Played by iconic supermodel Kate Moss, Miss X shares her dark gothic dreams, as she is pictured in various locations around an eerie and mysterious mansion house. Presented like a peep show, the reader is made to feel a little voyeuristic as they browse through the pages of models, styled head-to-toe in Agent Provocateur lingerie, with many shots in night vision and black & white.

Included with the title, is a 10 minute DVD of short films. Divided in to 4 dreams, the model narrates her surreal tales over a dream like sequence of clips. "Is it art or is it promotion" asks the introduction - either way, this makes a pretty decent coffee table browse. Including some classic photography of the model, this is a must have book if you're a Kate Moss fan.

Published by Pavilion. You can pick up a copy of the book from Anova now.

Order a copy for only £20.00 including free UK p&p. Call 0870 787 1613 and quote reference CH1093.

Publisher's Description

This astounding collaboration between designer lingerie house Agent Provocateur and Kate Moss breaks new ground. These genius innovators in haute couture commissioned Mike Figgis to portray Moss in her first acting role, resulting in four unique online films: Shadows, Scale, Exhibitionist, and NarcissusThe Four Dreams of Miss X. Shot in night vision, these films are intensely intimate: a beautiful woman's private dream experiences. Each film was released online periodically over the last year. Enticing readers into the dusky world of Miss X, the book presents both the scripts and stunning images from the films, as well as a unique DVD featuring all four dreams. This is a must-have purchase for fans of Kate Moss, film, and gorgeous photography.