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Publisher's Description

You cook for yourself. You cook for your family. You cook for your friends. Don't ignore the most faithful and loving of your companions! Recipes for 72 delectable canine repasts will have you dishing up tasty, healthful treats such as bacon drops, cheese biscuits, even beef jerky in little time--and at a fraction of the cost of commercially prepared dog food. Following his motto, "I will not put into your dog anything that I would not put into my own children," the author includes only nutritious ingredients that appeal to a dog's senses of taste and smell, and most importantly, eliminates those that can be harmful (unlike, surprisingly, other dog-food cookbooks). So, stir up some Dobis for your Doberman, some Beef Your Babies for your Basset, some Woof Balls for your Wiemeraner--and set your best friend's tail wagging with delight as he savors the results.