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Our Review

Nicki Trench's latest pattern book Super-Cute Crochet will teach you how to make over 35 adorable amigurumi animals and friends.

Neat and efficient, the great thing about this book is that it keeps the basic techniques to a minimum, which will please any professional crocheter and leaves even more space for adorable patterns. Crochet Vince the rhinestone spider, Dimitri the donkey, Camilla the pretty pony, Andy the alien, hatching eggs, Freddie the seal and Kimmie the koala bear.

With so many adorable plushies to choose from and easy to follow patterns, it's time to pick up your hook and craft a menagerie of exotic animals, woodland creatures, sea-life and insects.

You can pick up a copy of the book from CICO Books now, or enter our Super-Cute Crochet contest for a chance of winning the book and notecards.

Publisher's Description

"Super-cute Crochet" shows you how to make 35 gorgeous crochet creatures. The patterns are really easy, so you can make as many as you like, and the creatures wil grow quickly on your crochet hook! When you've crocheted the bodies, enjoy adding clothes and accessories to make each little cutie a real character. With 35 patterns to choose from, there is sure to be an animal there you'll love--whether it's Robin Redbreast, Eleanor Elephant, Daisy Cow, Boris Bear, or Cluck Berry, the chick. There's also a techniques section at the back of the book to show you all the simple crochet stitches you'll need. With clear instructions and beautiful photographs of every creature, you'll soon be inspired to begin your own amigurumi family. *Learn the Japanese art of amigurumi or how to crochet cute small animals. *There are 35 crochet creatures to get hooked on. *Make a bird, bear, chick, bee, elephant, baby goose, giraffe, mouse, panda, parrot, crocodile, reindeer, and many more.