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Try something new and different on the grill with 50 of Stonewall Kitchen's favorite recipes for grilling everything from steak and chops to lobster, tuna, vegetables, and fruit, including such gastronomic delights as Grilled Prosciutto-Wrapped Figs Stuffed with Blue Cheese and tasty little Lamb-Mint Sliders. Learn how to grill-roast a whole turkey or cook a pizza over a fire with a recipe that includes 12 different topping suggestions. Even bananas can be grilled and drizzled with lime and maple syrup for a completely new take on dessert! For lots of smart suggestions on choosing tools like grilling baskets and chimney starters, plenty of trusted advice on grilling skewered foods (kebob anyone?), and of course, the best recipesperfect for any gas or charcoal grilllook no further than Stonewall Kitchen.