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Our Review

Including all the materials you need, Silhouettes will teach you everything you need to know about the art and craft of papercutting.

So intricate and delicate, paper silhouettes may seem like an art best left to the experts but this kits aims to make the craft as easy and accessible as possible to everyone. The kit includes a book with all the techniques and patterns you need, as well as covering a brief history about the art, silhouette paper, mats and die-cut frames.

Create gorgeous art for you walls or gifts for your friends and family, just in time for Christmas.

You can pick up a kit now from GMC Publications.

Publisher's Description

Whether as thoughtful gifts or charming home decorations, silhouettes are both lovely to look at and fun to make. No wonder this fine art continues to enchant us today. This delightful kit has all the tools and inspiration a crafter needs to create intricate, beautiful silhouettes of both people and animals: an informative book that explains all the necessary techniques, as well as a history of silhouetting around the world; and includes sample patterns; paper, mats, and more. You’ll get great results immediately!