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Publisher's Description

Transform basic items into boutique-worthy home decor

• Transform just-lying-around things to sit-up-and-take-notice things!

• Transform junk into junque!

• Transform your friends’ skin tones from normal to green with envy!

We’ve all got the furniture and the home accessories we can afford. Our stuff came from Target, or Ikea, or Pottery Barn, or Dan’s Dent-and-Ding Depot. Wherever it came from, it’s pretty vanilla. Wistfully, we look through the windows at tony boutiques, admiring the little hand-painted chest, or the exquisite artisan vase, or the beaded curtains, and we ask, “Why was I blessed with such fabulous taste, only to be constantly depressed because these beautiful things are out of my reach financially?” Good news! With ReMake ReStyle ReUse, anyone can create 40 stunning, sophisticated home items, just like the ones in those high-end shops. Only the most basic craft skills are assumed, and everything is provided, including simple step-by-step directions, designs to trace or photocopy, and glowing photographs for instruction and inspiration.