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Meet the Author

Hey there, can you introduce yourself?

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I am Jennifer Wood. I live in the beautiful foothills of the Smokey Mountains with my ever growing family. Along with knitting, I love literature, music, playing with grand babies and hanging out with family and friends.

Tell us a bit about the book?

At the heart, the book is all about the wonderful adventure of cable and lace knitting. It is divided into three sections: Enduring Cables, Graceful Lace, and Elegant Aran Lace. Each section includes patterns for beautiful and also very wearable garments and accessories. The projects range from advanced beginner to advance. There are several side bars that contain helpful tips, diagrams and tutorials.

What was the inspiration behind it?

Kerry Bogert from Interweave contacted me about writing a book. Before that I had not really thought about doing one. The inspiration came about naturally, we decided to go with the direction that my designing was moving into, creating detailed garments that are interesting to knit while remaining functional. I love exploring patterns with cable and lace. It is like an adventure trying new ways to use them in garments even if they seem somewhat complicated at first. That is half the fun, challenging yourself with new boundaries in knitting and creating something beautiful and wearable in the process.

Which is your favourite project?

That is a hard choice! If I had to pick favorites for the garments I would say either Corinne or Camelia and for the accessories I would say Dwyn. I think Corinne is so lovely with the lace ovals accented by the cables. The pine cone shaped pattern around the yoke of Camelia makes me happy just to look at. And Dywn because it was one of those designs that surpassed my exceptions. I love the waves that are created by the stitch pattern and that it appears to be worked with cables when actually there are no cables in the stitch pattern.

What is your craft space like?

My studio space it what I used call our work room. It was a laundry/office/craft room that has now been taken over with yarn. There is a window seat in it that I love to sit in while dreaming up new designs.

Have you always been creative?

I guess in one form or another. As a child I crocheted, did needlepoint and latch hook rugs. In my late teens I got into ballet and did that off and on for many years. I did not learn to knit until my late thirties but have hardly put the needles down since then.

When did you first start crafting?

I really am not sure, maybe a woven pot holder. I remember making those a lot as a little child. And I learned to crochet and sew as a child. My sister and I used crochet hats and sew maxi skirts.

Who are your crafty heroes?

As far as authors in general my favorite are Dickens, Tolkien, Austin, Wilkie Collins just to name a few.
As far as designers there a lot that I admire, the one that comes first to mind is Norah Gaughan. Her designs are so innovative and beautiful.
The heroes would be all the knitters out there that like to join in the adventures of knitting trying news things and expanding their knitting horizons.

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes from many different places. Sometimes I just have an idea pop into my head and then I find a stitch pattern to fit the idea. This was the case with Victoria and Brielle. Or I discover a stitch pattern that I really like build the design around it, this is how Corinne and Idril came to be. Other times I see a pattern in nature that I want to incorporate into a design like the pine cone shape in Camelia and the waves in Dwyn. Then there are times when my inspiration is from time old traditions like the Aran pullover for Keavy and the classic cabled cardigan for Willa.

What's next for you?

As far as Refined Knits, I have a couple more book signings coming up, mostly in the East Tennessee area. And I will be signing books at TNNA. Also I am running lots of KAL’s for Refined Knits in the Wood House Knits group on Ravelry. These will be a lot of fun and a great place to get help. As far as Wood House Knits lots more designs! I have a shawl design that will be coming out in April with the Woolen Rabbit Yarn Club. And I have just started on another shawl and sweater design that I will be publishing late spring or early summer. Then in late summer or early fall I have design that will be in The Knitter magazine in the UK. Of course there are more ideas brewing!

Publisher's Description

Elegance at the tip of your needles!

Cables and lace are special enough by themselves, but there is something graceful, even magical, about combining the two. Refined Knits concentrates on these two techniques, along with incredibly unique Aran Lace which combines the two, and the results are sure to impress.

  • Enduring Cables: discover cable-work with interesting structure in its details

  • Graceful Lace: explore the delicate sophistication of open-work

  • Elegant Aran Lace: combine lace and cables in unexpected and stunning ways

Knitwear designer Jennifer guides you through knitting these timeless, classic techniques, resulting in finished garments and accessories with a decidedly modern feel you'll treasure for years to come.