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Publisher's Description

Oddball handmade plush creatures have become one of today’s hottest craft trends?and Plush-O-Rama was the first book on the market to showcase this wildly popular toy phenomenon and help crafters create their own. All they needed to bring a cuddly beast to life was the guide, some fabric, a needle and thread, and stuffing?plus a heavy dose of cuteness. It wasn’t long before plush enthusiasts were showing off some of the most extraordinary, irresistible creatures anyone’s ever laid eyes upon. Sound simple? Well, it’s just become even easier, because this fun kit contains all the materials needed to make two of the fabulous projects in the book: Loud Pants Pup and Moopy Bunny.
The great package includes: one 9 x 12” piece of soft white felt; a 9 x 30” piece of yellow fleece; three 6 x 18” lengths of patterned cotton fabric (stripe, polka dots, and floral print); one skein of black 6-strand embroidery floss; a small spool of yellow sewing thread; one regular needle plus a larger eye embroidery needle; assorted colorful buttons; polyfill stuffing; and a template. And, of course, there’s also a copy of Plush-O-Rama, because after you’ve made two?you’ll want to make them ALL!